BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
RCSSave RCS historyKeith Packard6 months
debiandebian: Release 1.2-1Keith Packard44 hours
masterAdd preprocessing to Lola to allow conditional grammar termsKeith Packard44 hours
1.1-1commit 247366b56a...Keith Packard3 months
1.1-2commit 4993c667aa...Keith Packard3 months
1.1commit 4f1536d894...Keith Packard3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
44 hoursAdd preprocessing to Lola to allow conditional grammar termsHEADmasterKeith Packard
2019-08-03Make 'parse_return_t' enum also be packedKeith Packard
2019-06-24Merge pull request #2 from phsilva/masterKeith Packard
2019-06-20Make non_terminal_table table an OrderedDictPaulo Henrique Silva
2019-06-20Use /usr/bin/env to locate python3Paulo Henrique Silva
2019-06-20Add __pycache__, .pyc and .dSYM to .gitignorePaulo Henrique Silva
2019-04-16Use /usr/bin/env to locate python3 binaryKeith Packard
2019-03-02Dump out graph optimization results1.1Keith Packard
2019-02-26Clean up the non-terminal-table optimizationKeith Packard
2019-02-26Trim possible mappings to eliminate supersetsKeith Packard