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masterupdate Makefile to best practicesBdale Garbee6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-04-30update Makefile to best practicesHEADmasterBdale Garbee
2013-03-27clean up all the oshpark messBdale Garbee
2013-03-27add mfg targets to makefileBdale Garbee
2013-03-27using shared packages data nowBdale Garbee
2013-03-27set version to 1.1Bdale Garbee
2013-03-26add surface floods for good RF launchBdale Garbee
2013-03-26improve silkBdale Garbee
2013-03-26f'ing selection that won't go awayBdale Garbee
2013-03-26route complete, drc cleanBdale Garbee
2013-03-23lots more doneBdale Garbee