AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-15use 1k for all the LED current limits, eliminates a resistor valueHEADmasterBdale Garbee
2013-05-15regularize resistor attributes to use Panasonic 0.1W partsBdale Garbee
2013-05-15change FET gate series resistors to 549 ohmsBdale Garbee
2013-05-15forward-annotate resistor value changes, etcBdale Garbee
2013-05-15simplify reset connections to u-blox GPS receiverBdale Garbee
2013-05-07fill in missing part atributes for v0.3 loadBdale Garbee
2013-05-07lose the muffin pdf during a cleanBdale Garbee
2013-04-22add muffin label generation, clean up some attributesBdale Garbee
2013-04-22rename MegaMetrum to TeleMegaBdale Garbee
2013-03-25add a series resistor in the reset line to the GPS chip so we have optionsBdale Garbee
2013-03-21route complete, drc cleanBdale Garbee
2013-03-20update to include new pyro circuit .. placement done, 25 disconnectsBdale Garbee
2013-03-20prepare for overlay of new pyro circuitBdale Garbee
2013-03-18move to altusmetrum symbolsBdale Garbee
2013-03-14added usb resistors, route complete and drc cleanBdale Garbee
2013-03-14route completeBdale Garbee
2013-03-01snapshotBdale Garbee
2013-02-23reworking layout after taking passive patch offBdale Garbee
2013-02-23snapshotBdale Garbee
2013-02-23connect mag sensor to stmBdale Garbee
2013-02-23add the magnetic sensor back to the boardBdale Garbee
2013-02-23snapshotBdale Garbee
2013-02-17mid-route on the updated FET partsBdale Garbee
2013-02-17snapshotBdale Garbee
2013-02-17move from FDS9926A to Si7232DN dual FETsBdale Garbee
2013-02-17rotated GPS chip and rerouted to get more separation between GPS and UHFBdale Garbee
2013-02-17lose the snubbers on the baro sensorBdale Garbee
2013-02-17tweak thermals on bottom layerBdale Garbee
2013-02-17move to u-box max-6 with both passive and active patch optionsBdale Garbee
2013-02-16first cut at moving to u-blox max-6 GPSBdale Garbee
2013-01-21move data sheets to common repoBdale Garbee
2013-01-15move to common scheme libraryBdale Garbee
2013-01-06add stencil targetBdale Garbee
2013-01-01oops, fix trailing dorkbot referenceBdale Garbee
2013-01-01add oshpark target to MakefileBdale Garbee
2013-01-01one last rat ghost eliminatedBdale Garbee
2013-01-01improve routing of v_chargeBdale Garbee
2013-01-01clean up UHF tracesBdale Garbee
2013-01-01improve plane integrityBdale Garbee
2013-01-01update schematic copyright date, tooBdale Garbee
2013-01-01update copyright assertion to 2013Bdale Garbee
2013-01-01pull board size back down to the outlineBdale Garbee
2013-01-01clean up copper floods around SMABdale Garbee
2013-01-01update to new SMA footprintBdale Garbee
2013-01-01clean up some silk issues, etcBdale Garbee
2013-01-01route complete, drc cleanBdale Garbee
2013-01-01after restoring from save fileBdale Garbee
2013-01-01snapshot before recovering from save fileBdale Garbee
2012-12-31Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Garbee
2012-12-31shoved some parts around, lots more routing workBdale Garbee