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masterSet of address blocks counts as one data block.Keith Packard12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2007-07-07Set of address blocks counts as one data block.HEADmasterKeith Packard
2007-07-07treat Postal entries as addressesKeith Packard
2007-07-07Avoid duplicate phone and address entriesKeith Packard
2007-07-07Delete message when write failsKeith Packard
2007-07-07Speed up calendar fetch by not restarting note fetchKeith Packard
2007-07-07Support termination of repeating eventsKeith Packard
2007-07-07Account for phonebook blocks not sent due to limited packet spaceKeith Packard
2007-07-07Limit phonebook to 1000 entries (as on 6131)Keith Packard
2007-07-07When processing incoming phone book messages, skip unrelated errors.Keith Packard
2007-07-07changes caused by buildKeith Packard