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2014-02-21changelog for 2.11.0-3HEADdebian/2.11.0-3masterKeith Packard
2014-02-12Remove links made in /etc/fonts/conf.d and debconf entries. Closes #730361.Keith Packard
2014-02-12Add debian/gbp.conf to control git-buildpackageKeith Packard
2014-02-12Regenerate files as needed for build from upstream git repositoryKeith Packard
2013-11-23Enable fonts-liberation as an alternative. Closes: #663553.Josselin Mouette
2013-11-2304_mgopen_fonts.patch: new patch. Add more MgOpen fonts to default sans type...Josselin Mouette
2013-11-23* Update font packages names. Closes: #712682.Josselin Mouette
2013-11-23Break xpdf (<= 3.03-11). Closes: #728444.Josselin Mouette
2013-11-2303_locale_c.utf8.patch: based on a patch from Martin Dickopp. Treat C.UTF-8 ...Josselin Mouette
2013-11-23Mark libfontconfig1-dev as multi-arch: same. Closes: #677885.Josselin Mouette
2013-11-2302_indic_names.patch: patch from Vasudev Kamath to fix Indic font family nam...Josselin Mouette
2013-11-23fontconfig-config.links: enable lcdfilter by default. Closes: #638262, #605574.Josselin Mouette
2013-11-2301_path_max.patch: patch from Samuel Thibault to stop requiring PATH_MAX. Cl...Josselin Mouette
2013-11-22Break xpdf (<< 3.03-11). Closes: #728444.Josselin Mouette
2013-11-22fontconfig-config.postrm: be less aggressive in removing fonts.d. Closes: #72...Josselin Mouette
2013-10-2001_conf.d_README.patch: dropped, obsolete.Josselin Mouette
2013-10-20New upstream release.Josselin Mouette
2013-06-26fontconfig-config.postinst: remove the symlink of the old conf.avail. Closes...Josselin Mouette
2013-06-26fontconfig-config.postrm: don’t remove conf.avail on uninstall. Closes: #7...Josselin Mouette
2013-06-2601_conf.d_README.patch: new patch. Document the two locations for conf.avail...Josselin Mouette
2013-06-25Rename wrongly named file.Josselin Mouette
2013-06-25Fix another installation path.Josselin Mouette
2013-06-25Really update the list.Josselin Mouette
2013-06-25Update installation listings.Josselin Mouette
2013-06-25Replace the old conf.avail directory by a symbolic link.Josselin Mouette
2013-06-25Remove obsolete maintainer scripts.Josselin Mouette
2013-06-25fontconfig-config.maintscripts: remove obsolete conffiles.Josselin Mouette
2013-06-25Add missing build-dependency on pkg-config.Josselin Mouette
2013-06-25New upstream release.Josselin Mouette
2013-06-25Push NMU to the repositoryJosselin Mouette
2012-07-25Version 2.9.0-7Keith Packard
2012-07-25Add Polish translation. Closes #682577.Keith Packard
2012-07-25Update Czech and Spanish translationsKeith Packard
2012-07-25Don't clean ancient cache files on brand new install (Bug 636173)Keith Packard
2012-07-25Clean up stale msgid comments in pt/ru/sv po filesKeith Packard
2012-05-31Finish preparing 2.9.0-6 uploadKeith Packard
2012-05-30Update PT translation. Closes: #675947.Keith Packard
2012-05-30Update DE translation.Keith Packard
2012-05-30Update Russian translation.Keith Packard
2012-05-27Update Danish translation. Closes 674466.Keith Packard
2012-05-21Update SV translation. Closes: 673886.Keith Packard
2012-05-14Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Keith Packard
2012-05-14Update changelog for 2.9.0-5Keith Packard
2012-05-13Update changelog for 2.9.0-4Keith Packard
2012-05-09Update changelog for 2.9.0-4Keith Packard
2012-05-09Add run-pdebuild.shKeith Packard
2012-05-09Update fr.po. Closes #671858.Keith Packard
2012-05-09Remove /var/lib/defoma/fontconfig.d/id-cache. Closes: #672252, #670982.Keith Packard
2012-05-03Update NL translation, bug 671300.Keith Packard
2012-05-02Version 2.9.0-3Keith Packard