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debianVersion 1.1-2Keith Packard7 months
masterAdd markdown README.mdKeith Packard9 months
1.1commit 6cc8424aa8...Keith Packard9 months
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2019-01-07Add markdown README.mdHEADmasterKeith Packard
2019-01-07Add --version and --help options1.1Keith Packard
2019-01-07Close USB device on program exit.Keith Packard
2019-01-07Add more compiler warning flagsKeith Packard
2018-06-22Document --cooked, --raw and --firmware flagsKeith Packard
2018-06-22Update to current altos codeKeith Packard
2017-09-09Document --infinite and --bytes in man pageKeith Packard
2017-09-09Handle short writes to outputKeith Packard
2017-09-09Update total byte count during readKeith Packard
2017-09-06Add -Wall -WextraKeith Packard