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mastercqKeith Packard11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2008-12-18cqHEADmasterKeith Packard
2008-12-18Add ability to load Intel HEX files. Add sample sdcc LED blinker.Keith Packard
2008-12-18Add ability to read/write arbitrary memory. Write LED blinker program.Keith Packard
2008-12-17Move manual bit-banging debug code to separate fileKeith Packard
2008-12-17reduce clock to 50usKeith Packard
2008-12-17Fill out ccdbg-command to support all debug commands.Keith Packard
2008-12-17Clean up bitbanging layer. Add debug printfs.Keith Packard
2008-12-17Clean up sample debug filesKeith Packard
2008-12-08Add support for input-only lines (-)Keith Packard
2008-12-06Add another exampleKeith Packard