BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
collection-modified-timeSet last-modified time correctlyNuno Fernandes7 years
debianUpdate to debian standards version 3.9.6Keith Packard3 years
gssapiAdd GSSAPI/Kerberos authentication via NegotiateGuido G√ľnther5 years
local-0.5Remove some debugging outputKeith Packard7 years
masterAllow for resources within collections to have '/'Keith Packard3 years
resourcesSplit paths into owner/collection/resource bitsKeith Packard6 years
was-workingTrap errors in create/destroy/rewriteKeith Packard7 years
debian/1.4commit 4436963339...Keith Packard5 years
1.4commit ea1845b271...Keith Packard5 years
debian/1.3commit 8b9f385dd4...Keith Packard5 years
1.3commit 897a05bcb1...Keith Packard5 years
1.2commit cfae3ea9e3...Keith Packard5 years
1.1commit 7a8ac7d3f2...Keith Packard5 years
upstream/1.0+git20130410commit db156c65fd...Joe Nahmias5 years
1.0commit 308d607e73...Keith Packard7 years
0.5commit b19b4c8810...Guillaume Ayoub8 years
0.4commit 2f641b6a3f...Guillaume Ayoub8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-01-25Allow for resources within collections to have '/'HEADmasterKeith Packard
2015-08-07Bump version to 1.5Keith Packard
2015-08-07Import pidlockfile from lockfile instead of daemonKeith Packard
2014-05-06Return new item from webdave put callKeith Packard
2014-04-29Handle --import for non-calendar itemsKeith Packard
2014-03-06Avoid trying to deep-copy the whole event1.4Keith Packard
2014-03-02Ensure acl type loaded from config is a utf-8 string. Closes 740460.Jelmer Vernooij
2013-12-20Remove DURATION from events with both DTSTART and DURATIONKeith Packard
2013-12-20Split import of calendar with multiple vevents apartKeith Packard
2013-12-20Add --allow-empty to git commit command lineKeith Packard