BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
collection-modified-timeSet last-modified time correctlyNuno Fernandes8 years
debianAdd debian watch fileKeith Packard7 months
gssapiAdd GSSAPI/Kerberos authentication via NegotiateGuido Günther6 years
local-0.5Remove some debugging outputKeith Packard8 years
masterMake sure the addressbook-description or calendar-description are not NoneKeith Packard6 months
resourcesSplit paths into owner/collection/resource bitsKeith Packard7 years
was-workingTrap errors in create/destroy/rewriteKeith Packard8 years
debian/1.4commit 4436963339...Keith Packard6 years
1.4commit ea1845b271...Keith Packard6 years
debian/1.3commit 8b9f385dd4...Keith Packard6 years
1.3commit 897a05bcb1...Keith Packard6 years
1.2commit cfae3ea9e3...Keith Packard6 years
1.1commit 7a8ac7d3f2...Keith Packard6 years
upstream/1.0+git20130410commit db156c65fd...Joe Nahmias6 years
1.0commit 308d607e73...Keith Packard8 years
0.5commit b19b4c8810...Guillaume Ayoub9 years
0.4commit 2f641b6a3f...Guillaume Ayoub9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-04-29Make sure the addressbook-description or calendar-description are not NoneHEADmasterKeith Packard
2019-04-29Add collection properties to Directory objectsKeith Packard
2019-03-29Fallback to non-threaded HTTPServerKeith Packard
2019-03-16No need to fetch logger twiceGuido Günther
2019-03-16Test item removalGuido Günther
2019-03-16Trim trailing whitespaceKeith Packard
2019-03-16Update tests to latest APIsKeith Packard
2019-03-16Use https urls in setup.pyKeith Packard
2019-03-16Use ElementTree iterator in place of getchildren()Keith Packard
2019-03-16Use with open() as file: pattern to ensure files are closed after useKeith Packard