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masterxhtml11: Use new 'diversions' to generate table of contentsKeith Packard4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-02-12xhtml11: Use new 'diversions' to generate table of contentsHEADmasterKeith Packard
2016-02-12Add diversions to conf sectionsKeith Packard
2016-02-12Add | operator to attribute processing.Keith Packard
2016-02-12filter/graphviz: Allow graphviz SVG output for non-xhtml11 backendsKeith Packard
2016-02-12xhtml11: use 'style' to set image width/heightKeith Packard
2015-11-24Merge pull request #82 from edusantana/install_from_githubMichel Krämer
2015-11-24Merge pull request #90 from obilodeau/masterMichel Krämer
2015-11-20Fixed: Now adds encoding spec to xhtml, so that it is conformant.Glaeserner Mensch
2015-10-27Merge pull request #65 from ciampix/masterelextr
2015-08-26Merge pull request #80 from asciidoc/xref_macro_fixelextr