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masterAdd test file and simple instrutionsKeith Packard6 months
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2019-04-19Add test file and simple instrutionsHEADmasterKeith Packard
2019-04-19Remove hacks and make code work againKeith Packard
2019-04-19Update to GPL-3 or laterKeith Packard
2019-04-19Update .gitignoreKeith Packard
2019-04-19Create stand-alone autoconf bitsKeith Packard
2016-11-10Start coding an IIR bandpass filterKeith Packard
2016-10-15aprslib: Fix typo in Dire Wolf project nameKeith Packard
2016-10-15aprslib: Clean up AprsAprs internalsKeith Packard
2016-10-15aprslib: Clean up code, make demod options visibleKeith Packard
2016-10-10aprslib: Make demodulator configurable at compile timeKeith Packard