BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debouncealtos/telelco: Add 30ms delay in search after finding a boxKeith Packard5 years
lispaltos/draw: Add a reasonable API for drawing, add lines.Keith Packard23 months
masterStart doc transition to asciidocKeith Packard3 years
mpusbaltos: Add ĀµPusb v3.0 projectKeith Packard3 years
no-recordaltoslib: More work removing AltosRecordKeith Packard5 years
replay-menutelegps: update docs for replay menu itemAnthony Towns4 years
stm32fminor comment cleanupsBart Massey5 years
telegps-v0.3altos: Remove ao_radio_gpio_bits from normal buildKeith Packard5 years
teleminialtos/lpc: Make ADC inputs workKeith Packard5 years
telesciencealtos/telescience: Get a task to poll the temp sensorsKeith Packard5 years
debian/1.2.1-1commit da2ea5232a...Bdale Garbee5 years
1.2.1commit a261bdbba3...Bdale Garbee5 years
altosdroid_v1.1.9.3commit d05a77992d...Mike Beattie5 years
altosdroid_v1.2commit 6055ee0b7f...Mike Beattie5 years
altosdroid_v1.2-1commit 27afe30176...Mike Beattie5 years 4646beb421...Keith Packard6 years
micropeak-build-2012-12-09commit c233ef67f4...Keith Packard6 years b3205a1d24...Keith Packard6 years 7f664da148...Keith Packard6 years
debian/1.1.1-1commit 7a2e1f05ad...Bdale Garbee6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-10-29Start doc transition to asciidocHEADmasterKeith Packard
2015-10-13doc: Force FOP to read images from doc directoryKeith Packard
2015-10-13telelco: Fix pad reset to one on radio signal lossKeith Packard
2015-10-13Create directory on when uploading devel versionKeith Packard
2015-10-13altoslib: Keep downloading when a parse error occursKeith Packard
2015-10-13altoslib: Clean up remaining direct AltosState.state usersKeith Packard
2015-10-13Bump release number to Packard
2015-10-13altoslib: Make sure .eeprom download file is flushed on exceptionKeith Packard
2015-10-13altosuilib: In display thread, set new state synchronouslyKeith Packard
2015-10-13altosdroid: Add minus sign and decimal point to lat/lon input fieldsKeith Packard