aoc-2017.gitAdvent of Code 2017 Keith Packard19 months
altos.gitAltOS - AltusMetrum 8051 operating system Keith Packard4 months
ignoble.gitBarnes & Noble ebook unpacking tool Keith Packard6 years
beelinetx.gitBeelineTX transmit frequency programmer Keith Packard6 years
skiplist.gitC skiplists Keith Packard6 years
ccdbg-broken.gitCC1111 debug port via CP2103 USB GPIO interface Keith Packard6 years
ccdbg-2.gitCC1111 debug port via CP2103 USB GPIO interface Keith Packard6 years
calypso.gitCalDAV/CardDAV server in python Keith Packard3 months
tunctl.gitConfigure tun/tap network devices Keith Packard6 years
mapio.gitConvert I/O to memcpy Keith Packard2 years
mkpgp.gitCreate custom PGP keys Keith Packard6 years
blueman.gitDebian blueman bits Keith Packard6 years
gcc-arm-none-eabi.gitEmbedded ARM cross compiler using Debian GCC sources Keith Packard6 years
utouch-evemu.gitEvdev debug utilities Keith Packard6 years
hw/fireworksFireworks LED driver Keith Packard7 years
telefire.gitFiring-node half of TeleLaunch Keith Packard6 years web site www-data6 years
fontconfig-debian.gitFontconfig debian packaging Keith Packard5 years
freertos.gitFreeRTOS with cc1111 support added Keith Packard6 years
freettsFreeTTS with debian packaging Keith Packard15 months
xlease.gitGet a DRM lease from X and run a program Keith Packard18 months
grandorgue.gitGrandOrgue organ synthesizer Keith Packard14 months
megagps.gitHigh power GPS tracker Keith Packard4 years
jove.gitJove - Keith's text editor. Keith Packard6 years
jpilot.gitJpilot bits imported from upstream CVS Keith Packard6 years
kalman.gitKalman filter prototype for AltOS .csv files Keith Packard6 years
hw/keithpKeith's geda symbol library Keith Packard7 years
keithp-blog.gitKeithp blog ikiwiki Keith Packard6 years
telelco.gitLCO-side half of TeleLaunch Keith Packard6 years
lola.gitLL parser generator suite written in python Keith Packard3 weeks
lpcusb.gitLPC-USB code including cc1111 port Keith Packard6 years
mmuchness.gitLevel 3 Rocket Project -- MMuchness Keith Packard6 years
libxml2-5cLibXML2 binding for nickle Keith Packard11 years
metacity.gitMetacity window manager with Present support Keith Packard6 years
minigps.gitMini GPS tracker Keith Packard2 years
mobidedrm.gitMobipocket ebook unpacking tool Keith Packard6 years
xicehouse.gitNetworked icehouse game. Keith Packard6 years
tin.gitNickle without fancy numerics Keith Packard3 years
notmuch.gitNot much mailer. Keith Packard6 years
apps.gitNuttX applications Keith Packard5 months
nuttx.gitNuttX operating system Keith Packard5 months
pdclib.gitPublic Domain C Library with support for AltOS Keith Packard6 years
ricochet.gitRicochet Robots server and client Keith Packard9 months
rocketsRocket designs Keith Packard5 years
sarahmouse.gitSarah's robotic mouse Keith Packard6 years
ao-schemeScheme implementation for small embedded systems Keith Packard10 months
mpserial.gitSerial interface board for MicroPeak Keith Packard6 years
sgt-puzzles.gitSimon Tatham's Puzzle Collection Keith Packard6 years
legoboard.gitSimple arduino with built-in H-bridge drivers, battery holder and screw terminal...Keith Packard4 years
fdpassing.gitSimple file descriptor passing examples Keith Packard2 months