telelco.gitLCO-side half of TeleLaunch Keith Packard5 years
tin.gitNickle without fancy numerics Keith Packard3 years
tunctl.gitConfigure tun/tap network devices Keith Packard5 years
twin.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Keith Packard18 months
udevwrapWrapper library for libudev which checks for entering the libary from multiple t...Keith Packard2 years
ultrasonic.gitUltrasonic signal detector Keith Packard5 years
utouch-evemu.gitEvdev debug utilities Keith Packard5 years
xicehouse.gitNetworked icehouse game. Keith Packard5 years
xlease.gitGet a DRM lease from X and run a program Keith Packard8 months
xownersize.gitX Owner Size command line utility Keith Packard4 weeks