Moving wikis from gabe to annarchy

With Google's generous help, has three fun new machines to play with. Part of the migration process involves moving all of the wikis from gabe to annarchy and I spent the day figuring out how that will work.

One of the big features of this move is that we can (I hope) afford to run more current software on the machine used to house the web server and user home directories. For our wiki, which is running MoinMoin, that means moving from version 1.2.4 to 1.4.99 or so. Oddly, there have been some changes in how the wiki is configured.

I've got a small demo wiki running at That shows the new version running with canned content from the MoinMoin installation. Migrating the wiki configurations to the new format is pretty easy; requiring changes to the virtual host entries used for apache and replacing the per-host configuration files with one generated from the template provided with MoinMoin.

MoinMoin also has some migration scripts to get from 1.2.4 content format to 1.4.99, I need to figure out how to use those so we can move content across. I'm hoping these will 'just work', and there's a reasonable chance they will. Of course, that's only half the battle; I'm sure there are hard-coded assumptions in many of our wikis about what host the wiki software is running on. I guess we'll get to find that out.