Migrating the herd

Our new host, annarchy, is destined to become the place where we provide user accounts and web hosting. User accounts currently share the same machine, gabe, as cvs and mail. Moving from this configuration should improve performance and reduce the impact of security compromises to our web server or user accounts.

I'm just copying all of the user accounts from gabe to annarchy, and then at some point (soon), I'll flip the big switch and 'users.freedesktop.org' will suddenly point at the new machine. I'll leave logins to gabe enabled until the web services are transferred, but home directory contents will disappear from gabe and reappear on annarchy. That machine has a separate partition for user accounts, which should eliminate all of the 'fun' we've occasionally had when people filled up the partition shared with CVS and the web server.

I've already done a preliminary rsync of user directories to annarchy, so the remaining work is mostly to switch DNS entries and move home directory content out of the way on gabe. I'd like to get that done this week, but I don't know whether to wait for the web content to move all at the same time or not.