Switching from pcf.gz to .ttf files

Ok, what did I do today. Umm. Lay about in bed with the pets fixing X fonts to switch from .bdf/.pcf to Juliusz's clever .ttf hack (a ttf file containing only bitmaps, no outlines).

Mostly that required fixing the BDF and PCF drivers in FreeType to generate the same metric information as the TTF driver. Then I could whack the various FreeType consumers (fontconfig, Xft, libXfont, and Juliusz's mkfontscale/fonttosfnt) so that everyone would play nicely together.

Succeeded in loading bitmap fonts from a ttf file with the X server. Hurray!

Oh, the 100K .ttf file replaces 48 .pcf.gz files that would consume about 250K of disk space. Looks like we're winning.

Still need to write a .ttf -> .bdf converter so we can stuff the .ttf files into CVS and ignore .bdf files except for legacy X servers.