In case you've been hiding under a rock for the last several months, I'd like to remind you that the Linux Plumbers Conference is currently soliciting submissions for the following tracks:

  1. Audio: Lennart Poettering
  2. Boot and Init: Dave Jones
  3. Embedded Systems: Greg Kroah-Hartman and David Woodhouse
  4. Energy Efficiency, Performance, and Power Management
  5. Inter-Distributor Cooperation: James Bottomley
  6. Kernel/Userspace/User Interfaces: Jim Gettys
  7. Networking: Steve Hemminger
  8. Security: James Morris and Paul Moore
  9. Storage: Matthew Wilcox
  10. Video Input Infrastructure
  11. X Window System: Keith Packard

I'm particularily interested in submissions around the changes in the Linux desktop, past present and future. We're seeing all kinds of new Linux-based user interfaces around these days, and I'd like to hear about where things are going, from both the hardware and software perspective. It's Plumbers, so sessions which will generate active discussion among the participants are the best kinds.

As appears the tradition with Linux conferences, we've received numerous requests for “just a bit more time” in the submission process, and so the deadline has been extended from today until next Monday, June 22nd. Please head on over to the submission page and make sure we know you're interested in contributing.