Bdale has just opened up the Garbee and Garbee web store to sell Altus Metrum electronics including TeleMetrum and TeleDongle.

The TeleMetrum boards aren't quite ready to ship, so they're marked as 'out of stock' for another couple of days. That's because we've decided to switch GPS antennas to improve GPS reception and we won't have enough of those until Friday to start shipping boards. The TM boards themselves are working great and we've flown them several times.

We've already sold a couple of TeleDongle boards for use without TeleMetrum. These boards contain the CC1111 transceiver chip along with an 8-pin connector that can be used for USB, SPI or serial communication. This adds long-range wireless digital communication to almost any project. Steve Conklin has posted his plans for these boards. We sell TeleDongle as either bare boards or packaged in a pretty blue box with a USB cable attached.

All of the hardware designs are licensed under the TAPR open hardware license and software under the GPL. All of the tools used to design the hardware and build the software are also free software (already packaged for Debian, of course) so you can take these designs and do whatever you want with them.