AltOS 0.9.2 — Minor update to ground station software

Bdale and I are pleased to announce the release of AltOS version 0.9.2.

AltOS is the core of the software for all of the Altus Metrum products. It consists of cc1111-based microcontroller firmware and Java-based ground station software.

AltosUI — Just a few bug fixes

AltOS version 0.9.2 is a minor release with just a couple of fixes:

  • Mac OS X graphing repaired. The 0.9 release was missing a file required to support the graphing feature (jcommon.jar). This has been added.

  • Fixed multiple flight log downloading. Attempts to download more than one recorded flight log would fail in weird ways. The failures have been addressed and additional diagnostics are presented when things go wrong.

  • You can see the AltOS version number in the 'Configure AltosUI' dialog box now. This should make it easier to tell what you've got installed.

  • Post-flight graphing tool. This lets you explore the behaviour of your rocket after flight with a scroll-able and zoom-able chart showing the altitude, speed and acceleration of the airframe along with events recorded by the flight computer. You can export graphs to PNG files, or print them directly.

No Firmware Update

AltOS version 0.9.2 does not include any firmware changes. We're still busy testing the Kalman filter code; that'll be in the next major release.